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April Showers here to stay? 20C on the way?

As the clocks have gone forward unironically the weather has sort of gone backwards; with polar air moving south across UK and Western Europe. Courtesy of stronger sun which is now comparable strength to late summer, we often see in spring, 'April showers' the surface heating from the sun, causes air close to surface to rise as less dense than cooler air this condenses into shower clouds Cumulonimbus. Often days with long sunny spells in Spring and Summer, can be interrupted into afternoon as heating of the day peaks and we see sharp and brief torrential showers. This will be the story over the next few days.

A rash of torrential showers with hail/thunder poss across S/SE England Wednesday PM

Distinctive towering Cumulonimbus

Overnight tonight there will be a widespread air frost across UK and Ireland a cold night for April however not unheard of.

Do watch out for icy patches first thing following showers of today.

Minimum temperature at 0600 Wednesday widely freezing temperatures

Into tomorrow we see low pressure offshore east coast of Scotland back west and very slowly move SSW down Britain this will bring organised precipitation with weather fronts to Scotland and Northern England with significant snow for hills as much as 20cm possible. Most of the country will see a continuation of sunny spells and showers, some lucky areas may avoid them altogether the greatest risk areas will be in the south and east.

Following a showery regime another cold night with icy stretches possible for central and northern areas a little less cold in the south and east. Into Thursday, again a rather similar picture with a continuation of sunshine and showers these are possible anywhere. With a rather gusty wind it will feel particularly cool on already cool temperatures.

From Friday we see the beginning of a change with temperatures recovering nearer to normal with rain limited to west although remaining blustery with a cool wind off continent.

Into weekend it is looking dry for many however a slight chill with easterly flow this could result in cloud bubbling up for areas in east England close to the North Sea; with brightest and warmest conditions in the west.

Into the new week a continental flow will continue as it is April it will not be as remotely cold as it would have been in winter months - we would have seen very cold conditions from this then. We may see lows come in from east off North Sea which may bring organised rainfall most sheltered areas being those further south and west, likely not nicest of weeks in east with Stratus cover possible a persistent feature with cool sea.

Further outlook: Very uncertain nonetheless the first half of April is very unlikely to bring anything warm with a southerly tracking jet stream deflected south by regions of blocking (high pressure) to north. I do sense it may be quite a struggle this month, however greater chance of drier and warmer conditions in the second half of April, perhaps it will not be May or late April until we truly see the weather settle down and lose its changeable nature.

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