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An exciting new chapter dawns

This introductory post will simply serve as a welcome to the site, I'll shed a little about me, am I an extraterrestrial? I may look like one on a off day, but afraid not. This new medium will enable me to communicate my thoughts, and ideas, on all things weather in UK and Ireland all year round, much more elaborately not handicapped by a 280 character limit


First of all. Welcome.

You'll be glad to know there will be no geeky weather talk in this post - although there will be a lot of that to come, buckle up for the rollercoaster that is winter!

A little about me born and raised in South East London grew up in a family of hard working Londoners. Millwall, pie & mash and pub you get the gist. Much of my early life I was terribly shy, I was that 'quiet weird kid' I never felt like I belonged, I was different but later on I would realise there was nothing wrong with that. I'd escape into the natural world living adjacent to a leafy woodland, it was my happy place, where momentarily my worries would dissolve away, partly where my fascination of the weather comes from. With the passing years my confidence grew although one thing which didn't change was my love of weather. Particularly snow my mum would have a right go at me, I'd slip out to be out in it. She never understood it, fair to say the love of snow wasn't passed on to me. Still to this day my 'nearest and dearest' think I'm a nut job and big kid.

Enough rambling on. I hope you enjoy this new space it's still under 'construction'. Preliminary winter thoughts will be out soon, stay tuned on my twitter. @TheSnowDreamer

Many thanks for overwhelming support wouldn't have been possible without you.


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